When I was younger I was very engaged in donating my unused items. At the time that meant going through old clothes that didn’t fit me or were no longer my “true style” and throw them at my sister to shuffle through and deal with. Since then, I have been pretty able in donating my unused items, this time to thrift stores instead of my unsuspecting sister, mostly since she began to refuse my leftovers. Along with donation also came organization, keeping my room clean and tidy, preparing extensively in the paper planners given by my school, and being frustrated with my sister’s messy room. I’m not sure what I was expecting seeing as I was giving her an influx of junk, but nonetheless.

So when I had discovered minimalism, it really seemed like a good fit. Not only as a way to organize my external self, the clothes, the home décor, the excess lotion, but as a way to organize my internal self, the stress, the mental clutter, the overwhelm. Learning to let go of physical items has translated in my ability to let go of mental items. Learning to let go of grudges and forgive, letting go of stress and anxiety about what the future holds, letting go of expectations others have set for yourself, the list continues.

As liberating as it was to force plaid Bermuda shorts and sassy graphic tees onto my sister, it has been far more liberating to remove the clutter from my life in order to focus on the things I truly care about. Continuing my quest of self-discovery and growing each and every day. Hopefully along my journey I get to help individuals, and myself, realize that they already have everything they need to thrive.

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