Minimizing your Yes’s

As I am finishing my final semester of college, there is a certain amount of frenzy in the air.  People filled with the sadness of closing one chapter in their life and with hesitance of what the future will bring. In this frenzy, people try and squeeze in as many of the things they will miss about college into one semester.

Throughout my college experience the things I value have shifted, perhaps in places where my friends have not. Somehow, I don’t just think you have to be in college to experience your interests beginning to drift from your friends. With all these conflicting interests, and the desire to connect with people (who you are most likely not going to get to live in such close proximity to again), you may find yourself saying yes to more things than you want to. And so, in order to prioritize your happiness and goals you are going to have to learn to minimize your yesses.

I’m not going to tell you that it is easy, because it is not. Sometimes, you’re going to say “yes” to things that you shouldn’t have, and say “no” to things that you should have said “yes” to. But no matter what, if your intention is in the right spot, the things you say yes to will become fruitful.

For instance, I am going on spring break with some of my friends and the trip is not cheap. Because of this, I have to cut back on a lot of my other expenses. So I have to say “no” to going out to eat and getting drinks (which can all be argued that this money would be conducive to spending time with friends) so that I can say yes to a memorable experience that I get to share with a group of friends.

Learning what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to really requires that you decipher what you value from what is superfluous. You need to determine the things that are truly worth your time, money, effort etc. from the things that we do because we feel as if we are supposed to do them (regardless of the actual value they provide).

Hopefully, this starts a conversation with yourself about the priorities in your life that you need to say yes to. I am personally just beginning to scratch the surface of this topic, so if you have any advice please mention it down below!


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