Goodbye, Things (Reaction)

So I have recently finished listening to the book Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki, and figured since I was still settling into my final semester at college it would be appropriate to write a brief post highlighting some of my initial thoughts. Just for full disclosure, I listened to this book and because of that I was not as actively engaged in the material as I would have been if I read the text. Nevertheless, I still got some good points out of this book. 

Sasaki talks briefly about his life pre-minimalism, but the majority of the book discusses how his life as improved after adopting a minimalist lifestyle as well as some tips for readers to begin decluttering. I think his story resonates with a lot of people, who over time have lost their passions and their directions. Who neglect the things that are most important to them because they seem like a burden. What Sasaki points out is that the items are the burden. Having items requires that you care for them, and that takes time. The more items you have, the more time you spend cleaning, rearranging, storing, and sifting through them, which is time that could be spent on other passions. Less items equals more time for passions.

Another over arching theme of the book is the idea that material items do not define your self worth, to both yourself and to others. Once Sasaki removed his identity from his material items, he began to discover who he truly is and what he truly values. He also did not leave the impression that this was an easy feat, and I don’t want people to think that all you have to do to figure out who you are is throw out your things because that is certainly not the case. However, when we remove material distractions from our lives we are then forced to pay attention to what is left, which is ourselves and our intentions.

I think if you are brand new to minimalism and are looking for a good introduction I would recommend reading this book. If minimalism is something that you practice, I would suggest the audio book if you feel that you need a little refresher or some motivation to continue.

Have you read this book, or have any other minimalism related book recommendations? Let me know down below!


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