Letting Go

No matter what greater divinity you may believe or not believe in, it can become apparent when patterns begin to develop in your life. Recently, I have begun to receive the message of “letting go”, and not even the superficial message of letting go of material possessions; it is more of the mindset of letting go of past experiences and emotions, both good and bad, in order to let go of the expectations I have of the future.

To unload that idea further, it is very obvious that we should not be holding onto past experiences that are negative, but it is less obvious to let go of past positive experiences. Yet, both of these are important because when you so furiously cling to the past you are unable to enjoy the present moment, the only moment we are guaranteed. Negative experiences are clearly inhibiting because of the way they tend to erode your mental well being. Positive experiences can be inhibiting because of the expectations they help you form for your future, which could lead to disappointment and a false sense of security in this expectation or plan.

Minimalism has helped me to become comfortable with letting go of physical possessions so that I could become strong enough to let go of mental possessions. Feelings of anger, hurt, distrust, disappointment, and sadness when certain life events did not meet my expectations. Letting go of the past people who have “wronged” me, by accepting that they are not meant to be apart of my story and that their past actions should no longer have a hold on how I operate and feel in the present moment. Realizing that the things I thought I wanted, the my expectations I had for myself were inaccurate, and learning to accept the things that, by being in my present life, are right for me. Letting go of the idea and illusion that if I tried hard enough I could control every future outcome and avoid these negative experiences. Through minimalism,  I am able to appreciate each day that I am given, and look forward to the moments I will be given regardless of their outcome because I have learned to let go of what was, and accept what is.

What kind of messages have you been receiving lately and how have you been able to digest them? Trust me, I know it’s not always easy. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. As always, thank you so much for reading my blog post, your support means more than you think.


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