Compulsory Spending of Time

When discussing minimalism, consumerism is one of the first things that comes to mind. We discuss buying excess goods, and spending our resources poorly. Usually, we consider the resource to be money, but what about our most precious and finite resource, time?

Time is the only resource allocated evenly among people. Sure, we each have a different length of life, but everyday there are twenty four hours for each of us to use. With the inability to know how many days we have, those twenty four hours we are given each day are a valuable resource that cannot be recycled. This concept allowed me to think of minimalism as more than just a reduction of compulsory spending on items, but a reduction of compulsory spending of my time.

When we do things that are not premeditated, that are compulsory, that are acting on impulse even, it takes away from our twenty four hours. The biggest source of my compulsory spending of my time is without a shadow of a doubt social media. The time I spend going through my phone, looking at flimsily designed content, and stifling my growth and creativity is detrimental to the effective use of my twenty four hours.

While I don’t necessarily think that each second of every day must be productive, I believe there are more meaningful ways to spend down time and to relax. Reading, listening to podcasts, blogging, creating art, exercising, meditation, these are all more powerful and effective tasks that encourage creativity and growth. These are the priorities in my life, and I should be purposefully spending my time on these things, versus compulsory spending of my time on less fruitful activities. Truthfully, once I have completed my purposeful tasks of the day, I should be able to indulge in a little bit of Netflix, right? But when I do decide to participate in these activities that are usually mindless, I should become fully active and conscious in the amount and quality of time that I am dedicating to these activities.

I hope in 2018 to fill my leisure time with activities encouraging me to continue to develop and learn, versus using social media with the intention of distracting myself. I also hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it compelling enough to assess the areas in your life where you are spending your time maybe a little compulsory, like I have been. Thank you again for reading and I look forward to chatting with you shortly.


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