My Back to School Clothing Cleanse

As I try and reduce my life, I am constantly addressing items that I own. I wanted to minimize in order to have less to bring back to school. So instead of a back to school shopping trip I decided to do a back to school cleanse. I cleansed some books, sentimental, and miscellaneous items around my room but focused mostly on clothes.

I like to think I don’t have that many clothes, but I can admit that I definitely have more than I wear. Every semester I cart back and forth a good amount of clothing that I never even consider wearing.

When I got started, I focused on clothing I know I hadn’t worn, or enjoyed wearing, in the past year. I was able to get rid of a good amount of warm weather clothing because I was aware of what I hadn’t worn over the summer. I had some cold weather clothing that I wasn’t sure about getting rid of, so I’ll see which items I wear over the winter and then reassess.

Instead of donating my clothes I decided to pick up a little bit more pocket change by ordering a clean out kit from thredUP. It took a little while to receive the clean out kit, which was essentially a large bag with a return address, the cost of which will be taken out of the value of the clothing I sent back. Since I am far from the processing center it took a while to get there.

Surprisingly, I only received about seven dollars for my shipment, but that is more money than I would have gotten if I just donated them. Also the clothes they didn’t accept they donated, so it was a hassle free experience and I would recommend them if you are short on time.

Let me know down below if you have any other ideas of how to donate items and make a couple bucks in the process!


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