Project 333 Experiment (Capsule Wardrobe)

While adapting this simpler lifestyle I have been really interested in experimenting, as with experimentation comes growth. So for the past couple months I have been following the rules of Project 333. To keep it simple, you only have 33 items in your wardrobe for 3 months, usually referred to as a capsule wardrobe. This includes tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, and accessories. The challenge does not include pajamas or athletic wear, unless these are worn for activities other than sleeping and working out, so yes leggings are pants.

I did this experiment over the course of my internship, which was a business casual office environment. I found the capsule wardrobe to actually be really helpful, I had a few work tops and pants of which were interchangeable with one another accounting for about 13 items of my whole wardrobe. This made getting ready for work in the morning extremely easy because I didn’t have to spend a lot of time picking out my outfit for the day.

The remaining 20 items of my wardrobe were for my casual wear on the weekends. For most of my day to day wear the pieces I chose fit together and I could wear casually. I did find myself missing some of my other pieces for when I were to go to events or out for the night, because I do have some pieces I don’t wear often but love wearing them.

Overall I really enjoyed this experiment and would be open to doing it again, perhaps even implementing it full time. Most importantly, I did learn that I DO NOT NEED all the clothes I have, and it is absolutely possible to live with a more minimal wardrobe.


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