Having a Bad Day

Sometimes you have bad days, and sometimes you have multiple bad days in a row. When days like this happen, it can be really hard to get out of the negative mindset. It seems like when one bad thing happens, everything following is even worse. And as corny as it may be, sometimes you just need some cheesy motivational quotes to make you feel better and empowered to change the course of the day. Here are a few of my favorites:

Let Go of Anything that Does Not Serve You

Don’t Let Perfect Get in the Way of Good

You Cannot Control Everything, but You Can Control the Way You Feel in This Moment

Now I know reading these doesn’t automatically fill your day with sunshine, but I find that these give me an opportunity. This opportunity is to realize that although I may not have control over my situation, I do have control over the way I react and feel about the situation. I can choose to remove myself from the situation, or I can choose to accept the situation realizing that sometimes good is more than enough to be content.

I hope you enjoyed this short post,  let me know how you turn a frown upside down in the comments below!


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