For 20-Somethings and Any-Somethings

As I am graduating this coming spring and entering the “real world”, I have been struggling with the kind of work I want to be doing. Basically exhausting all my resources, 15 minutes sitting on the couch thinking, I decided to hit up my local library.

I got pretty lucky actually, I popped into the New Additions section of my library and the book basically leaped off the shelf. “The Quarter-Life Breakthrough: Invent Your Own Path, Find Meaningful Work, and Build a Life that Matters” by Adam Poswolsky. If I had a Staples Easy Button with me I would’ve pressed it.

I went home too eagerly start the book that was going to CHANGE. MY. LIFE. Despite the fact that this expectation was set far to high for some paper and ink, I did actually find the book helpful.

I think one of the hardest parts about deciding what to do for the rest of your life, is simply viewing this one decision as the end all be all. This book does a good job distinguishing how the workforce nowadays is less like a ladder, and more like lily pads, where you can jump from one project to the next. Another aspect I really liked about the book is that it broke down this daunting decision into smaller questions and activities. Answering simpler questions and going through very basic exercises allowed me to really understand the kind of work I would find meaningful; in regards to both the kind of industry and the kind of working environment I would thrive in.

I would recommend this book to anyone of any age who is feeling stuck and unmotivated in their current work situation in order to better understand themselves and the kind of work they find meaningful.


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