10 Days of Meditation

I have meditated before but I decided to take it a step further and download Headspace, a guided meditation app that provides a free ten day trial. I wanted to complete these meditations in ten days, but they took me about two weeks to actually finish because I missed a couple days. These guided meditations provide a brief introduction into that session’s topic and then you can mediate for three, five, or ten minutes.

I really like the guided meditations and I especially liked when they prompted you to do a body scan, which was just going through your body and seeing where there were points of tension and comfort. It allowed me to take a second and check in with myself, see how I was really feeling deep down, versus my superficial level of feeling.

I also found just after ten days of meditating, I was taking what I learned in the exercises and applied them to my daily life. For example, if I found myself getting upset, I began to take deep calming breaths and explore the clear space in my mind in order to calm myself down again. This has been extremely helpful because it completely transforms my feelings around a situation, from borderline hysterics to acceptance.

I think meditation is really helpful because it allows us to control the only truly controllable thing in our lives, which is how we feel in the moment. We can’t change the past, and we have no control over the future, all you can control is the specific moment you are living in. Meditation hasn’t stopped having upsetting things happen, but it has helped me take control of how the situation affects me. I plan on continuing to meditate, and hopefully I can make it a daily practice in my life; if only to check in and see how I am feeling.


Do you meditate? If so leave me a comment about your experience below. If you follow guided meditations I would love to know what app you use!


3 thoughts on “10 Days of Meditation

  1. I have only tried meditation a few number of times to try to help some anxiety. It was really difficult to quiet my mind and sit still, but it did leave me feeling more relaxed than before I started. I haven’t been consistent at all but I really want to make it a habit. I believe I could really use it in my life to stay grounded. I just need to set aside time and commit to it. Thanks for your post!


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