Why to Simplify Your Closet

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the closet is the easiest place to accumulate clutter, especially if you love fashion and clothing like I do. The process is always the same, you buy some new fun and interesting piece that you swear you LOVE. Then slowly overtime that new top loses its appeal, it becomes dated or uninspiring, and finds its way in the back of the closet to the clothes graveyard. You know what I’m talking about, that part of your closet where clothes go to die, never to be worn again or maybe kept there just in case you go to another space cowboy themed party (trust me, you won’t).

Now there are a lot of different ways you can simplify your closet, which I will detail in a later blog post, but if you do not understand why you want to simplify your closet the clothes graveyard will become just as full as it was before. Some of these explanations may seem simple, that is because they are, and some are a little more complex.

Before we get started I would just like to say that I am not suggesting you throw out your whole closet, and I am certainly not suggesting that you buy a new one. I am only providing some reasons as to why you may want to consider reducing the amount of items in your closet.


Conserving Time

Getting dressed in the morning takes up the most time in my morning routine. Simplifying your closet could be a way to reduce the time you spend getting ready. By reducing your options overall, you have less to select from and then deciding on what to wear takes less time.  With these extra minutes think of everything you could do! Maybe now you can fit in that morning workout or that ten minute meditation. You could make a healthy breakfast to jump-start your day or even a lunch so you can save a couple dollars. In the least, simplifying your closet will get you a couple more minutes of shut-eye.


Feeling Confident

After having simplified your closet, each item should fit you well, go with other items in your wardrobe, and make you feel amazing each time you put them on. Why wouldn’t you want that?


Reducing Decision Fatigue

Have you ever spent so much time getting ready in the morning that you’re already exhausted? Chances are you are suffering from decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is the resulting tiredness from making decisions. The decisions you make earliest in the morning are usually better decisions because you are well rested and fresh. As you go on throughout your day, your quality of decision making decreases. By simplifying your closet you can help eliminate another decision you have to make. Knowing that everything you own in your closet looks good on you and is appropriate for the occasion, whether that be work, a social gathering etc., will help you remove the decision of what to wear. Simplifying your wardrobe could be the difference between making the decision to go to the gym after work, or take down a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies by yourself.


Minimizing Stress

Along with decision fatigue, trying to decide what to wear can cause stress. If you have a variety of different styled pieces for different occasions it can be overwhelming trying to fit them together to form an outfit appropriate for the event you have in mind. Making decisions in general can be stressful, and deciding what to wear is no different. Another source of stress is chores. Having a lot of clothes means you can go longer without doing laundry, which is great until you have Mount Everest forming on that chair in your room and you have to excavate it. (You know which chair I’m talking about). To continue, living in clutter or a messy home is proven to increase chances of depression as discovered in this study (and others). By having less clothing, there is less laundry to do, less organization to maintain in your closet, less stress and less time devoted to maintaining fabric.



“I have nothing to wear”. This phrase is dangerous for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it undermines the clothing you have already put money into purchasing. It certainly does not indicate finding value or gratitude in the clothing, but rather dislike or even contempt for the clothing. This feeling of inadequacy leads you to believe that you need new clothing, whether to be stylish, attractive, or well-liked. No one should be made to feel inadequate because of an outwardly possession. Secondly, this feeling can lead you to purchase more clothing. More on-trend, this season only, pieces that are temporary sources of confidence until the style fades and you are back to square one.

Wouldn’t you want liberation from this vicious cycle? The cycle of feeling inadequate and spending money in order to fill a void that cannot be filled with name brand purses and designer jeans? Allow yourself the luxury of letting go, and enjoy the items you do have that reflect who you are.


Enjoyed this post? Have other reasons why someone may want to declutter their closet? Let me know in the comments section below!


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