Jewelry Declutter

Hi everyone! I have been working really hard on getting ready for my move (T-14 Days!) and because of this I haven’t really had much time to do creative things. I have either been fitting in time with friends, or packing.

In order to fulfill my creative need I have been filming and creating videos for a lot of my packing and decluttering journey.

I recently went through my jewelry collection and you can find the video of my Jewelry Declutter here!


Thanks for watching and I hope you all have a great day!

Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Tomorrow I am hopping on a plane to Colorado! I am so excited to visit Colorado for the first time, even if it is only for four days and three nights. On one of my flights I would have to buy a carry on bag if I wanted to bring one, so I decided to challenge myself by only packing a backpack. Here is what I came up for a vacation of hiking and seeing the city.


The first day, I am taking a mid-day flight and then driving from Denver to Boulder.


The outfit I picked out is perfect for air travel because it is super comfortable and includes some of the bulkiest items. One of the most well-known packing tricks is to wear your bulkiest items onto the plane so that it saves room in your luggage. Also, planes tend to get cold so despite the weather in Colorado being mid 90’s, I figured it would be a good idea to bring a light jacket. Finally, the t-shirt that I am traveling is also going to act as pajamas for the rest of the trip.

Day two is going to be the main adventure day. We are going to be hiking and doing outdoorsy things.


This outfit essentially repeats all the items from the previous day, except I have swapped out the t-shirt for an athletic tank. Not, too much to say about this simple hiking outfit.

Day three is going to be an exciting day exploring the city of Denver.


I know for a fact that I am going to be sweating profusely, so I went for a lightweight tank dress and some really comfortable sandals. It would have been easy for me to pack another casual outfit where sneakers would be appropriate, but I decided that there may be opportunities to go out to dinner and sometimes it is nice to get dressed up on vacation. Even if it is just a *little* bit dressed up. Also, I figured that this dress could be worn after I went hiking as something clean to change into for the evening.

For day four there aren’t really any plans made, but we have a late night flight out of Denver and back home.


I decided on wearing another casual outfit, because I will be exploring the city and I would need to hop on a plane. There’s not much to say about this outfit except for the fact that I can mix and match the denim shorts and any of my other pieces to make another casual outfit, in case there needs to be an outfit change mid-day.

That wraps up my travel capsule wardrobe. It includes three tops, two shorts, one dress, one jacket, and two shorts. I am hoping to take pictures of my outfits throughout the trip and compiling them into one blog post, documenting all the different ways I wore this clothing!

Thanks for checking out this post. I am hooked on capsule wardrobes right now so if you have any videos or blog posts about capsule wardrobes please leave them in the comments and I will check them out!


– Good Vibes –


Athletic Clothing Declutter

As I am planning on moving in the next two months, I figured it was finally time to downsize in a more critical way. I have started with decluttering my active wear and I hope to get to decluttering more areas soon.

Here is the video I filmed for my Athletic Clothing Declutter. This is the first video I have ever made and I am testing out some editing software before I decide to commit to one platform. For now, please ignore the watermark and enjoy my video!


July 14, 2018

A while ago I got my phone screen replaced by a third party. I wanted to save money up front, but over the long term my phone was not operating the way it was supposed to. Finally, my phone decided that it did not want to work at all. I brought my phone to be fixed and the technician told me that normally he would not be able to repair it because third party modifications make the phone ineligible for repairs; however, he did agree to repair it. What I learned was that in my efforts to save up costs long term subsequently led me to investing in a worse product that required more maintenance in the first place. If I hadn’t tried to cut corners, then I would have saved money in the long term and been able to enjoy a properly functioning phone.

Thus, today the saying, “pay less now, spend more later” came to fruition.


Today I took the short cuts. I stayed in bed playing on my phone for far too long after I woke up. I started my computer work with YouTube playing. I accomplished the bare minimum and rewarded myself with excessive television and napping. As a result, I was feeling short. Short on energy, short on clarity, and coming up short on my goals. The short cuts I took caused me to eat easy foods that required minimal prep time and had minimal nutritional value. I couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym and any motivation I had in me when the morning started was quickly consumed by Netflix.

I knew I felt miserable because of my inactivity today. I did not do anything to stimulate my mind, body, or spirit, and I desperately knew I had to. So I mustered up enough courage to go for a walk in the trails by my home. I wish I could sit here and tell you that this walk was completely life altering and never again will I have a short cut day where I am so bored and yet I keep refreshing Instagram. I also wish that I could tell you that my walk reversed any sort of “damage” I had done today. In some ways those thoughts are equally as ephemeral, containing no real tangibility for redirection.

What I can tell you is that my walk reminded me of the “todays.” Trying to stay present is a difficulty of mine, and each “today” is a new learning experience and an opportunity to practice mindful living. Being out in nature reminds me of the kind of person I want to be, attentive, clear headed, and at peace. While today might not have been the example of who I want to be, I know there will be another today, tomorrow. All I have to do to seize the day is to ask myself, “who do I want to be today?”


– Many Good Vibes –